Enterprise Resource Planning Technology With The Best Ratings In The Market Today

There are various top notch business management software available in the market today. Enterprise resource Planning systems facilitate error free transactions and productions thereby enhancing efficiency of organizations in their operations.

The various systems differ in how conveniently the customer can modify the software to achieve the most effective way to perform each business process. The best of these technologies available in the market include Oracle, Epicor, ERPFM, Microsoft dynamics, Infor and SAP. ERPFM is a system worth mentioning in that it fuses enterprise resource planning and facility management to offer a vast range of quality products, built and designed to offer a unique and flexible system of work.

ERPFM serves big multinational companies while at the same time offers cost effective solutions to independent businesses. The system excels at bringing core functionality from multiple international locations, to a central web based system. Full visibility of the entire business with GPS enabled applications allows you to assign jobs to staff nearest to their locations, thus saving on time and money.

Oracle one of the biggest players in this sector meets the security demands of today, it is versatile to allow integration with emerging technologies. An advantage of oracle over the rest of the technologies in this list is that oracle offers a number of options that customers can choose from depending on the size of the enterprise. Boasting thirty years of proven credibility then this is a good choice.

It offers outrageous flexibility and deep software functionality.With the growing number of emerging technologies one has a vast number of options to chose from, but top of that list should be the above mentioned companies.

The cost of an ERP implementation

Companies need to keep their software up to standard in order to remain competitive. They may need new software upgrades to improve efficiency in their operations, manage production better, and improve accounting systems, HR, CRM systems and much more. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning comes into play but how much does this cost? To answer this businesses need to look at factors like:

• Company size

• The type of solution that is needed

• The resources needed

• The need and level of customization

• The extent of use

• Maintenance

• Upgrades and other factors

In most cases, if most all, more money will be spent on employees getting on the system, and external consultants. A typical ERP cost distribution is structured in this way: 30% goes towards the software, 10% goes to the database and management of the system, 20% goes to the infrastructure that is required and the rest goes to human resources.

There is no precise way of calculating how much a typical ERP will cost but studies suggest that the cost may range from $50,000 to $500,000 for small to medium sized business and it could go from $500,000 to $5 mill for medium to large enterprises. Business enterprises are unique and they will have unique ERP needs coming with a precise number virtually impossible but we can already surmise that the bigger the enterprise the higher the cost.


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